Wednesday 29th November 2023,
Chatham-Kent Cougars Football

Cougar Minor Timing Rules

Peewee, Bantam

1. Four twelve (12) minute quarters. Half time is five (5) minutes.

2. Prior to the two minute warning in the 2nd and 4th quarters, clock stops on
TIPS (time-out, injury, penalty, score). After a touchdown, the clock is re-started for the convert.
3. After the two minute warning, regular timing rules apply.

4. Any time in the second (2nd) half, if the difference in score is 22 or more, the clock only stops on TI (time-out, injury). There is no two minute warning. If the score difference becomes 21 or less, regular timing rules apply.

5. Each team is allowed two (2) one minute time-outs per half. Coaches can come on the field during a team time-out.


1. Two twenty-five minute halves. The teams will change ends at half-time

2. The clock will only stop for time-outs and injuries.

3. Each team is allowed one (1) one minute time-out per half.


1. In PeeWee converts are worth three (3) for a kick, two (2) for a forward pass (may be a screen pass) and one(1) for a run

2. In Bantam converts are worth two (2) for a kick and one (1) for a pass or run.

3. After a field goal, the non-scoring team will scrimmage from its 35 yard line

4. After a safety, the scoring team will scrimmage from midfield.

5. In Tyke, all touchdowns are worth seven (7) points.


1. If a team is leading by 22 or more points any time during the game, they must punt (no field goal) on 4th down. If the punt is blocked, the ensuing play will count. If the offense does not punt or fails to get the punt off, the defense will scrimmage at the point ball dead or 15 yards from the line of scrimmage (offense penalized 15 yards) or the defense’s 35 yard line whichever of the three places is farthest from the defense’s goal line.

2. In Tyke, on 4th down, if the offense wishes to punt, they will give the defense the ball twenty-five (25) yards downfield but no closer than the ten (10) yard line.